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About Us

We know that AI will dominate the future. Our focus is to help our customers to be ready for this challenge.

As a fast-growing company TyronicAI focuses on long-term strategic relations with the clients by providing a combination of high quality, cost effective and on time delivery of AI based solutions. We have a dedicated and experienced team of data related professionals who diligently strives to meet your needs. We thoroughly understand today’s technologies and render case-by-case approach to each project to help you to achieve your business goals.

We meticulously ensure that we constantly persist in touch with you offering the highest support and best level of communication. We work closely in understanding your business needs and utilize the appropriate technology accordingly. So, TyronicAI will be your best choice for a range of data-driven AI software development service.


Our Values

  • Experienced developers with a very deep understanding of artifical intelligence algorithms
  • Experienced psychologist with a very deep understanding of the psychological aspects of human marketing
  • Experienced web programmers
  • Experienced data scientists
  • Experienced data analysts
  • A well-coordinated team with positive attitude and spirit
  • Agile project methodology
  • Experienced senior business analysts with a very deep understanding of end-to-end business processes from several Industries

Our Solutions

Our Solutions are ready to improve the quality of your data and to give you the ability to use your data in real-time for target based marketing and other purposes


Combines cyber security and surveillance systems in a single application. Monitors your surveillance systems without compromising security.

VisionAI - Customer Counter

Without change your CCTV Cameras, Count your customers in each gate, floor etc. You can monitor number of customers in your business instantly. .

Data Science Projects

We ensure that your business problem is solved by our experienced data scientists using the latest machine learning techniques.

AdjustTime For Ip Cameras

Runs on both Windows and Linux platforms as a service , it adjust time of ip cameras in a periodically basis.


Combines cyber security and surveillance systems in a single application. Monitors your surveillance systems without compromising security


Security layer for Surveillance System

Backup & Restore

For your nx and nx powered vms, you can backup to our cloud based solution, NVRBOX. You can recover your system by restoring any of your archived backups.


Monitors all NVR systems in the network

Track Error

Tracks errors (e.g. disc, license, hardware, etc)

Object Detection

Count objects directly from your cameras.

Cloud Base

Cloud Solution.

VisionAI - Customer Counter

Customer Counter for your CCTV System

New Camera is not required

You do not need to buy new cameras for this solution.

Customer Counter

Count your customer in each gate, floor etc


Real time monitor number of your customers instantly

Data Science Projects

Our experienced data scientists using the latest machine learning techniques.

Industrial Experience

Our data science group has portfolio of wide range data science projects.

Business Understanding

Qualified business analysts are ready to make solution fit for your problem.

Data Science Architecture

The provided solution architecture will be chosen to work as fast, accurate and stable as possible and also it will fit for your budget limits.


The solution will be developed in phases. Phasing will increase efficiency.

AdjustTime For Ip Cameras

One of the biggest problems of multi-camera systems is that the time in the ip camera is different from the actual time.

As A Service

Runs on both Windows and Linux platforms

Config File

Management with config file while it is running.


Full detail logging function is ready.


IP Camera list can be received in CSV format with username & password




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